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From: Jim Willing <>
Date: Tue Jul 1 23:59:18 1997

At 11:58 PM 7/1/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Talking of plotters...
>Does anybody know anything about the Tektronix 4662? I have one, and the
>service manual, but no programming manual. I think I can fix the electronic
>side (and the mechanics if it needs it), but I have no idea on how to talk to
>the thing. It has both RS232 and GPIB ports. Does anyone have a command
>reference or whatever?

I have one, and (I believe) the programmers reference and no service
manual. (and Tek is 1.5 miles up the road B^} )Sounds like there may be
potential here, eh? Looking for anything in particular?


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