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Date: Tue Jul 1 19:05:00 1997


Wow, LISA! It's a relic nonelessness but to amire at. :) This is
kinda of a abortive experiment with "Mac" stuff then Mac became
closed up and popular next year. Also very rare too! Thank yourself
for not getting Lisa 1 used 5.25" duo disk. Gah! Dual
head cutouts not one like those 360/1.22 disks.

You *MIGHT* have a stuck brake on that hard drive, easily
correctable. Good thing you asked. :) The 10mb model uses
nonstandard interfaced 10mb 5.25" FH size. Now, did you hear the
"clunk" or not right after module tests? If no "clunk" the brake is
not releasing the hard drive to allow it spin up. The error should

Four horizontal fine lines with "crossed" check on it and error code
81 under this symbol?

If you do, or different problem let me know! Lisa is odd ball enough
to not able to run regular mac programs, it needs the Lisaworks stuff
and troughie thing is this hard drive is not formatted like we do
with most macs...!

> I just acquired a Lisa 2/10 and I'm trying to figure things out.
> The system starts to boot from the hard drive and comes up with a
> MacWorks/Sun Remarketing logo, then asks for a diskette. Looks like
> it's running MacWorks XL, is that correct? The system still has regular
> Lisa H/88 ROMs so it's not messed with hardware-wise.
> How come it wants a diskette and won't boot from the HD? I tried
> putting in a System 1 diskette from my Mac 128 and it gave me the
> "Welcome to Macintosh" splash and then died with a Sad Mac FE0002.
With hd out of action, this "XL" machine is still stock 2/10 unless
the XL software is started first then allowing you to boot proper
disk. Cannot borrow any disk else from different macs for this XL
but with this stuff provided by this company. That is clearly
previous owner missed the point of not giving you original stuff that
came with this XL.

> Do I need a special Mac System version diskette to boot this sucker?
> Any info appreciated!!
Okie, Lisa 2/10 and Lisa XL is no different in hardware but used
different operating system. Lisa 2/10 uses Lisa OS and Lisa XL uses
Macintosh System software *AND* MacWorks XL a lisa program is a Mac
64k emulation to run the mac stuff. Booting on XL type is in two
stages: boot from hd to load the mac ROM software and "restarts"
itself and boot from hd to load Mac OS/finder. Reminds me of LBA
driver style on non-LBA machines with >500mb hd attached. :)

The Lisa 2/10 is very desireable to upgrade to scsi capable, expand
the screen image to bigger screen and 800k upgrade with ROM added
and with new Mac system software and MacWorks Plus. There is
hardware hack to add more addressing lines to break the 2mb limit to

> (anyone have a spare keyboard? I need a few keys)
Dunno. ask around.. :(

> thanks
No problem!
> Kai

Jason D.
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