Recycling Computers

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Date: Tue Jul 1 19:24:19 1997

My hosent opinion:

Gah! That is more of a recycler than reselling complete system
cheaply to users who would want them. what left of it can be done
recycled which is my preference.

> In checking through the net, I found
>, which is a NY Times article
> that talks about recycling, dismantling, etc. of old computers. It is
> interesting!!!

In Canadian Crown assents, computers is *ALWAYS* sold via
auction only asking too much and disappears for ever. :( ALso
especially in miltery, drills holes into chips and shred boards
into 2" squares, hard drive is stipped down and platters is removed
which is cut up and melted down under strict protection even the hd
is from low risk area. :-( ) They WONT release hard drive units for
warrenty repairs because, I knew because I saw a note at one of
business that they deal with to request a new board or exhange from a
hd maker to extract the data. Horrible and that why I did not see
any significient stuff around here to grab.

Jason D.
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