From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Wed Jul 2 01:50:18 1997

I had a business meal tonight and after some discussion I found out that
one of our guests is sort of into collecting old computers (basically he
never got rid of any of the systems he's bought over time). One of the
systems he mentioned he had was a Video Brain. Apparently this is a
video game system. I *think* I vaguely remember hearing about this
system. At any rate I'm curious about it and was wondering if anybody
knew what it was as we both had too much tequila for him to describe and
for me to comprehend it.

I told him of my plans for the First Annual Vintage Computer Festival
(which, by the way, is still on...I'm still in the planning phases) and
he mentioned that he had close contacts with a show called The Computer
Guys on the Discovery Channel and would arrange for me to meet with them
to discuss possible coverage of the show. Very nice!

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