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Sam Ismail wrote:
  One of the
> systems he mentioned he had was a Video Brain. Apparently this is a
> video game system. I *think* I vaguely remember hearing about this
> system. At any rate I'm curious about it and was wondering if anybody
> knew what it was as we both had too much tequila for him to describe and
> for me to comprehend it.
Video brain was made by a firm called UMTECH, used a microprocessor
called F8 and had 1 to 4K of RAM memory. It was possible to store the
data on cassette and, you are right there, it had many plug-in
cartridges with games on them. It was sold mainly through departments
stores and specialty electronic stores (at least that is what "A
Collector's guide to personal computers" book has to say about it)

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