From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Wed Jul 2 23:22:12 1997

> The Central Point option board can't do 8" disks? I suppose
> it's really not necessary - my Taiwanese generic floppy controller
> in my PC does both single and double density 8" floppies just
> fine. I bet if you tried a dozen different generic AT floppy controllers
> that half of them would do single density just fine.
> Tim.

Well, let me rephrase - I assume the option board can't do 8".
The option board replaces the disk controller and then accesses
the disk directly which is why it can read MFM, GCR, whatever. I'm
guessing that it relies on physical parameters to do this as I
can't think of any other way to go about it.

As far as 8" disks go right now - I can read/write to them from
my pc using... uh... a software package the name of which I can't
remember at the moment. The one they tell you to get in comp.os.cpm
if you ask how to read cp/m floppies in your pc ;)

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