Crappadore 64

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jul 3 00:31:11 1997

I have to get this off my chest.

Commodore 64s have to be the god damn shittiest made computers ever. I
had to test these 1571 drives that I sold someone and brought out 2 C64s
I have in my garage and 2 power supplies because I know how notorious
each part is for not working. I plug each in and niether work. I try
the other p/s...same thing. I get ANOTHER p/s...both dead. I get yet
ANOTHER power supply and 3 more C64 consoles I have. Of those 3, 2
worked! Is this a shittily engineered system or what? What bad weed
were these idiots who designed this smoking? I've never had such bad
luck with any other system. Out of all the systems I've ever acquired,
the commodores and their stupid prone-to-burning-out power supplies have
been the most likely to not work. I've gotten systems out of the rain
that have been sitting in the elements for probably YEARS that have
worked. But a C64? Hell no! Piece of crap!

There must be some well-known fix for these idiotic things. I turn them
on and get just a pure black screen. This is what happened to the first
C64 I ever got from a friend 9 years ago. It just up and died on me all
of a sudden one time when I was using it. Screen went black. There's
got to be an easy way to fix these stupid things. Either that or there
must be a well known joke passed around in commodore circles about how
unreliable these junk heaps are. What a depressing hunk of crap.


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