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From: tiborj <cerebral_at_michianatoday.com>
Date: Fri Jul 4 18:29:31 1997

>Why spend all of your time and energy collecting old computers when you can
>be writing million dollar peecee games.
 I know you can get some classic stuff for free, but unfortunatly, as with
every hobby we love, it costs money. and here is an interesting idea- to
beat microsnuff, write as many competeing programs that work BETTER than
billy's ( not hard to do), and sell them. and with that cash, you can get
more machines! <G> and remember, billy also writes MAC software, that for
some reason are worse than you can get for IBM... so we support IBM and MAC,
as well as your favorite classic, the more platforms supported, the better
it is for everyone! :)
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