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From: Cord Coslor <coslor_at_pscosf.peru.edu>
Date: Fri Jul 4 18:48:08 1997


As I discussed in private e-mail... I suggest you quit using such a
synical approach to e-mail and this list's correspondance. I have done
everything on my end of the deal. You send me an MSX, and I send you a
Model 1 keyboard/cpu.

Have you mailed me the MSX yet? I seriously doubt it. Oh, by the way,
Enrico, you haven't even sent me your mailing address... I did a long time

The only reason I haven't mailing out the Model 1 yet, is because I have
been out of town for well over a week, and it has been physically
impossible. It is packaged up, and ready to go. But here in the USA, we
have Independence Day on July 4th... and our post offices are closed
today. It WILL be sent out ASAP.

I hope that you pass up on calling others uneducated on this list, as you
did me, Enrico. You don't seem to have a clue as to etiquette around here,
and I doubt others will continue to take kindly to it.

So, in closing, Enrico, I would appreciate you looking at the actual facts
when dealing with others from now on... it sure will help you out.

Best Wishes,


p.s. I don't work for an educational institution as you claimed, either.
Now, who is educated?

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