Help with Convergent Technologies

From: thedm <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 05:41:10 1997

Is this a little square box cpu with a buss on the side? and ad ons that
lock onto the side of it? If it is I used to administer a Convergent
network, it uses the BTOS/CTOS operating system and uses JCL for batch
programming. Its almost useless with out the native software and if I
recall our licenses where about 10,000 for a 48 user network. They do make
a standalone version, but I'll be darned if i would ever know where to find

> From: Ray Stricklin <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Help with Convergent Technologies
> Date: Monday, July 07, 1997 1:54 AM
> I picked up a Convergent Technologies CP001/8 along with a tonne of
> extra bits this weekend. It is an absolutely fascinating machine, but I
> have no idea how to use it. /:
> Unfortunately, in all the extensive documentation I picked up (including
> numerous schematics) there is not one operator's or user's guide,
> such are mentioned. The OS reference is, apparently, devoted to the
> mechanicals: system calls, and so on. Useful, but not at the fledgeling
> stage. (:
> If someone knows aught about this machine, I would sure love to hear what
> you've got to tell.
> I also picked up a TI 99/4A and an Apple ][plus, which I shall require
> some guidance with as well, as I cut my teeth on TRS-80 machines, and
> didn't really even get into computers until I had moved up to a 386sx..
> Thanks.
> ok
> -r
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