Help with Convergent Technologies

From: Ray Stricklin <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 19:53:31 1997

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, thedm wrote:

> Is this a little square box cpu with a buss on the side? and ad ons that
> lock onto the side of it? If it is I used to administer a Convergent
> network, it uses the BTOS/CTOS operating system and uses JCL for batch
> programming. Its almost useless with out the native software and if I
> recall our licenses where about 10,000 for a 48 user network. They do make
> a standalone version, but I'll be darned if i would ever know where to find
> it.

That'd be the one.

It has an OS installed; with the CPU I also picked up a QIC unit, 10 meg
disk/floppy unit, a 'disk expansion' unit of unknown size (I'm short one
power supply), and a GC-001 graphics unit, as well as boxes of QIC tapes
and 360k floppies. The OS is installed along with lots of other stuff of
unknown purpose on the hard disk/floppy box. It boots fine; I can play a
little with it, but I really don't know what's there.

I'm able to get file listings of [sys]<sys> which I'm assuming is the hard

I wish there'd been an operator's manual in the lot..

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