PDP as a home computer - Acid Test. I LOST ALL MY STUFF!

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Mon Jul 7 22:23:15 1997

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> Time to put my PDP=home computer to the acid test!
> My parents came to the decision that I had too much computer stuff, and
> it ALL had to go. I talked them into letting me keep one computer. So
> here's the choice: My 486 or the PDP?

Hey - I'll take that 486 8-)
[Aside - I missed the VAX frame by 35 minutes 8-( Now I can't pick it up
until August! Glad in a way - if your parents saw it - they'ld shit a
brick - at least that's what we used to say in the good ol' days 8-)
Of course that means I missed the RL02 drive as well 8-( ]

> Obviously, I kept the PDP. The 486 is staying with my C64 and the CoCo
> at a friend's house until we find storage. Until then, I get to use the
> PDP has a home computer! We'll see how this works out. First priority
> is getting it to boot an OS... Anyoone have a V7 RX02 image?

I don't think V7 would fit on a RX02 - maybe an RL02. What you probably
want is RT-11. Single user but with Foreground/Background tasking. Or
you could try TSX? which is a multi-user RT-11 kinda sort of 8-) I have
heard of but not seen one of these. Email me if you decide what you want.

[Another aside - you heard from Galesburg yet? Nothing on my end 8-( Once
we get you a case, you can just hide the 486 inside and tell *them* its a
terminal 8-) ]

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