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Date: Tue Jul 8 12:58:03 1997

Jordi Carceller (jordicr_at_eic.ictnet.es) wrote:

>I have a LAPTOP 80286. Can I connect to INTERNET with it?
>Does any Winsock exist?
>Which is the best software for MAIL and WWW? (using a 286, of course)
Sort of in the spirit of this list, I set up this configuration for

- 8 MHz 80286 AT clone desktop
- 4 Meg RAM (all the SIP sockets are filled)
- 20 Meg Seagate ST-225 MFM hard disk (C)
- 30 Meg Seagate ST-238R RLL hard disk (D) running from its
 own RLL controller stolen from an XT clone my brother-in-law
tossed my way. I had a lot of fun getting it to work in
the AT clone.
- Trident super VGA video
- DOS 6, Windows 3.1 (barely fits on C).
- older Trumpet Winsock (version 2.something)
- Eudora e-mail (was using version 1.44, now using Eudora Light
version 3.01 which is slower, but has a feature I needed
that 1.44 didn't have).
- 2400 bps US Robotics Courier external modem (that I paid $700
for new in 1985!)

With this, we can do e-mail, and text-based internet stuff (I've got
Windows telnet and ftp programs as well), but graphic web browsing
is out (they all require a 386 or better). I haven't found a text,
Windows-based web browser.

I've also used Nettamer. It is a DOS-based internet package.
To run internet stuff in DOS, you usually need to put together
several pieces of software: TCP/IP, PPP or SLIP dialler, packet
drivers, etc. Nettamer does all this in one package and does
e-mail, ftp, telnet, Usenet, and web browsing. Web browsing is basically
text-only, but you can view graphics with an included viewer
if you've got a VGA display. The version I tried (1.07) doesn't
do frames or image-maps, and forms are a bit brutal. For example,
I've used the Altavista search form with it, but I'd probably be
pretty confused if I hadn't used the form in Netscape on another
computer beforehand.
You should be able to find Nettamer on Simtelnet and other
software archives.

So, you will probably want to use Nettamer instead of the Windows
route unless:
- you've got a decent amount of RAM (4 meg was quite a lot for
a 286)
- you've got enough hard disk space
- you have to have a GUI.

Right now, we just use the e-mail, when we absolutely have to
have graphic web browsing, we'll buy a new Pentium machine.
Or maybe I'll find a 386 motherboard for free...

Hope this helps,
Clark Geisler
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