old 80286

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Tue Jul 8 13:06:40 1997

> Sort of in the spirit of this list, I set up this configuration for
> Internet
> e-mail:
> - 8 MHz 80286 AT clone desktop
[[[ snip ]]]
> With this, we can do e-mail, and text-based internet stuff (I've got
> Windows telnet and ftp programs as well), but graphic web browsing
> is out (they all require a 386 or better).

Have you taken a look at Arachne? I've not run it on anything but my
trusty office 486 yet, but it claims to be able to run on anything


It's also being distributed by Caldera as WebSpyder


Roger Ivie
Received on Tue Jul 08 1997 - 13:06:40 BST

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