classic software for sale

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 02:54:14 1997

I have a bunch of classic DOS software, manuals, and disks for sale. Many
are still in shrinkwrap. The list is too large to post to the list. Email
me for a complete list including prices and terms. A short selection is

A04 Visicorp VisiCalc (198?)
        manual, disks, CDEX training for VisiCalc, shrinkwrap

A10 Microsoft Multiplan (1982-3) (green packaging)
        manual, disks, plastic case, shrinkwrap

G10 IBM Technical Reference (1981)
        hardware reference manual for PC (includes BIOS source)
        manual, 3 ring binder, slipcase

G11 IBM Hardware Maintenance and service Personal Computer - PCjr
        manual, slipcase

C06 IBM Disk Operating System by Microsoft v1.10 (1982)
        manual in 3 ring binder and slipcase, disk, quick reference card

D04 Ashton-Tate DBase III v1.1 (1984)
        complete (silver cardboard cover slip case)

There are a good number of DOS packages, early Microsoft packages, office
productivity packages, a few development tools, and some junk. Nearly all
are classics.

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