Gateway 2000 Buys Amiga

From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 03:26:34 1997

It was thus said that the Great Benedict Chong once stated:
> Don't flame me, but my question is : is there a market out there for
> the Amiga? Even the video editing/effects market seems to have turned
> towards Apple machines. And even Apple itself is finding selling
> difficult in the face of the Wintel machines.

  To bring this back to the list (as the Amiga is a Classic Machine
according the the definition used here), while the current market for the
Amiga might seem a bit thin, it might be a good idea to also licence the OS,
as it was (and still is) one of the best kernel designs I've seen and had,
in 1985, capabilities that we are only now being used in the main stream
(read: Wintel market) as well as capabilities that Chairman Bill and the
Gateites haven't incorporated.

> Aren't the A1200 a little too 'old' technology for the new machines
> market where everyone must have a fast MMX Px with faster math copro
> for Quake? Unless they're selling them as NCs or Nintendo killers.

  The Amiga OS on a modern CPU should literally scream. My own 7.1Mhz Amiga
500 seems snappy compared to the doggish NT box I use at work, and suffers
from fewer crashes.

  Ah well ...
  -spc (I guess that's what makes it a classic)
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