(fwd) FS: Commodore SuperPet SP9000 (Runs Fine) $100 (fwd)

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Thu Jul 10 03:14:18 1997

Maybe someone is interested in this.

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Subject: FS: Commodore SuperPet SP9000 (Runs Fine) $100

For Sale: Commodore SuperPet SP9000 ($100)
For sale by private owner
Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Prefer Pickup/Cash Only $100


1 Commodore Superpet SP9000
        Turns on and seems to run fine
           * I can't verify the operation of any of the edge connectors due to lack of
                    accessories, but I have turned it on and written some simple BASIC
             programs that run fine in 6502 and 6809 mode
        Has both 6502 and 6809 boards with toggle switches on side
        Green Monochrome trapezoid shaped screen works fine
        Original piezo speaker sound still works great
        Keyboard works great
        Case is in pretty good condition
            * No dents or major marks, a few minor scratches that could be touched up
               The 'hood' lifts fine, doesn't even squeak, and has the original stick inside to
                    hold it up - just like a car hood (anyone ever make a miniature drop light for
                                                 the Pet series?)

** I do not have ANY manuals or accessories for this computer

When this computer is turned on, a menu comes up with a list of programming languages
to select from. At the top of the screen it says: WATERLOO MICROSYSTEMS


I learned to program in 6502 assembly language on the Pet 2001 w/ a 4040 dual disk drive
unit in 1981. I never even knew of a SuperPet until I found this one waiting for the Sanitation
Engineers on a curb a few years ago. I thought it was the regular old Pet when I saw it from afar.
So I picked it up and carried it home - an excruciating half mile journey. If you are one who remembers
lifting a Pet, you know what I'm talking about!
 I figured I'd relive some of the ol' days and actually put some sort of working system together, but
there just isn't any time left in this SDK-A-MINUTE computer world. I have met others online that
love their Pet's -- and other various computer antiques -- and seem to enjoy keeping them running, so
perhaps this SuperPet can find a much more deserving home.
The serial number is SP0000284. Is this the 284th SuperPet off the line? Out of how many? Is it
related to HAL? If anyone knows the answers, I'd love to hear them.



Commodore SuperPet SP9000 for $100

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