1975 PE Altair Article Scans

From: Bill Whitson <bw_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Thu Jul 10 16:52:18 1997

> >>But don't look for it yet. It has been removed for review while I contact
> >>Ziff-Davis about reprint. I already spoke with the current owners of PE who
> >>apparently don't own the rights to the old issues. Probably be a couple
> >>days but I anticipate they'll be happy to let us use it.
> I hope that they do let us archive them. Frankly, I didn't focus on the fact
> that the archived article may be considered a "republication". Sorry about
> that. Does that mean that we would also have to contact Ed Roberts to get his
> permission to archive a copy of the construction manual?

For any submission, be it documentation, software, ROM-code, whatever it is
best to fill out a DS-form. I have designed it in such a way that even if
you are not able to untimately reach a person who legally holds an item, it
shows a trail of efforts made to acquire the proper permissions. In many
cases we will not be able to track down original publishers but if one
should appear out of obscurity with a lawsuit in hand I can show that we
did everything we could reasonably do to obtain permission.

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