What Classic Computer are All About - A Lovers View

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Thu Jul 10 23:21:31 1997

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, thedm wrote:
> Actually, I collect for the sake of collecting, I make no money off it, ask
> my wife :) I collect so in 10 more years, I can play with toys I played
> with 20 years ago. That and to watch everyone freak when they see my
> dinosaurs alive and feeding on a daily basis.

Me too - Oops - I better write some more 8-)

> As far as knowing what we all have, maybe we should add to our rescue list,
> a non fancy, listing of what everyone has, not for trading, but just as a
> reference. Then when I'm at my next flea market...etc. I can say, "Hey, I
> know John dosn't have a Coco1, maybe he'd like one, it's 2 bucks, Heck, I
> just grab it."
> Cya in the funny papers.

Well, I, for one, kinda thought that is what it is all about. Kinda list
some place what we might be looking for and then if someone finds one
tell everyone else about it. Problem is - too many people want the same

Then (flame never on) Enrico started the whole shipping thing. What
good is it to have people looking for some little prize if when they find
it - they don't want to ship it to you??? So Isaac and I have started - a
little - on a Shipping FAQ - not only how to ship from the cheapest to the
quickest but also HOW to pack. I mean even the BIG stuff - like a DEC via
South Africa 8-) I even started talking to U.S. Customs to find out their
view on shipping *junk* back and forth over the Big Pond. (Still waiting
to hear back 8-) But this has to be done on both sides.

Then there is the whole Rescue List idea - what good is it to rescue
ANYTHING from the trash man if you are not willing to ship it to a new
home??? Oh, so you ONLY want rescue what you want? That isn't the idea I
heard, but then I hear things my way 8-)

As far as *John* and his Coco - heck ya $2 for the box and $14 for the
shipping. Nobody expect you to pay either - I don't think. But then I
don't remember what a whole CoCo looks like and I don't know how to even
boot one up. Do you *trust* me to pick up a CoCo for you? Especially if
it costs you $16 for a burned out hulk? No not me - the computer 8-)
It raises all sorts of interesting questions. Maybe (via the Encyclopedia
page) I would find out what one looks like. Something about it - that's
why I started it 8-)

[Boy am I verbal tonight!]
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