Datamaster troubles

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Fri Jul 11 19:47:37 1997

My Datamaster Troubles...
    Well, I'm reviving my Datamaster. Last year, it worked fine (I at least
could get into Basic). This year, I can't even get it to boot. I have no
manuals for the darned thing, so I have no idea what the numbers on the screen
during the POST mean. I have one reverse-highlighted number:  "09" and I'm
assuming that this is a hardware failure code.
    I have the "Diagnostic" diskette, but since I think that the floppies are
not working (or the diskette is now bad), it's useless.
    I've done the usual things like cleaning and reseating boards and cables,
with no effect.
    Any clues??
Rich Cini/WUGNET
   - ClubWin Charter Member (6)
   - MCPS Windows 95/Networking
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