Old Microprocessors

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 11 20:16:02 1997

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> Some days ago, I mentioned that there was a UK company that used to
> advertise old microprocessors like 9900, Z800x, 32032 and other stuff.
> I've just dug up my old issues of Elektor and found the company. It's
> Viewcom, at Plaistow in London.
> Perhaps Enrico might want to check if this company still exists and
> its tel/fax number: I've been looking for a 10MHz Z8001 (the one found
> in Ciarcia's Trump card project in Byte).

They're still going.

Viewcom Electronics,
77 Upperton Road West
London E13 9LT

Retail Shop
139 New City Road
London E13 9PX

Telephone : 0181-471-9338
Fax : 0181-552-0946

I've dealt with them, and had no problems. If you intend to collect your order,
'phone first, and they'll sort the bits out for you.

> The April 1991 issue of Elektor advertises Viewcom as carrying stuff
> like the 9900, 9995 (both TI 16-bit microP). There's even the AMD 9511

The TMS9995 is still listed at \pounds 69.85 (OUCH!)
Z8001B is \pounds 11.96, Z08001-10PSC is \pounds 16.90.
The other devices you mentioned are no longer listed, alas.

> which (if I'm not mistaken) is one of the first math copros for
> microcomputers.

Indeed it is. I have a CCS 8711 card for the Apple ][ that uses this chip.

> Ben

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