Classic Video Games

From: James Carter <>
Date: Sat Jul 12 09:23:47 1997

Several dozen different Football Handhelds were made. There's a good
Handheld page which includes a FAQ at

We had one of those vibrating football games, what a joke :)
I also vaguely remember in the early 70s a neighbor having some football
game where you made your plays and inserted some plastic disc into a unit
that would tell you how the play went like a sports announcer.

At 02:24 AM 7/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>In regard to your post about the old hand held football game... I
>certainly do remember that game. There were actually a couple of different
>companies or stores that sold them. Radio Shack did have one, but I
>believe it was the SAME one that was manufactured by Coleco, or a similar
>company. I know up until a few years ago I had one... I'll have to look
>around. Just the other day, I was in a thrift store in Nebraska City, NE
>and they had a pile of 'old' handhelds. I didn't have time to look through
>it close, though.... but I'm darn sure they did have a football game or
>two though. I'll go back and check it out for you, though. Oh, while were
>on the subject of old football games.... how about those darned magnetic
>full-field table football games they used to make?? Do they still exist?
>Until next time,

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