HP 9836, HP 86 ??

From: David Williams <dlw_at_neosoft.com>
Date: Sat Jul 12 11:32:16 1997

I was just checking out a new store near me and saw an HP 9836.
Anyone know anything about this? It looked like a one piece setup
with a built-in monitor and 2 5 1/4" floppy drives and keyboard. It
was BIG. Can anyone tell me about it?

I also saw an HP 86 with lots of carts plugged into the rear and an
HP 9816 monitor and HP 9121 3 1/2" dual drive unit. I'm talking to
the guy about picking these up so if someone can give me some info on
them I'd appreciate it.

He had an Apple IIe with 2 Disk IIs, Apple Imagewriter printer and
Apple monitor with doc. I may grab that as well since I can never
have too many Apple IIs. :-)

Finally, I saw talk here recently about IBM external 5 1/4" floppy
drives. Someone said something about using one on an Amiga I think.
If this is possible please let me know as he has several.

There were stacks of monitors, including a HUGE Apollo monitor, wish
he had the system for it. This is at a local computer store and he
says they get stuff like this in all the time and generally just have
someone come in and haul it off to the dump or salvage the metal. Oh
boy, a new source! I'm going to go back and spend a little time in
their warehouse.

Thanks for any info.

David Williams - Computer Packrat
Received on Sat Jul 12 1997 - 11:32:16 BST

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