PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jul 12 12:36:56 1997

On 12 Jul 1997, Frank McConnell wrote:

> Sam Ismail <> writes:
> > Lastly, I saw this pretty awesome looking Morrow computer which seemed to
> > be of a portable ilk. At first when I saw it from afar it looked like
> > one of those phony props you see in furniture stores. When I got up
> > close I realized it was an actual computer with this funky wide screen
> > built in (it was about 4" high by 8" wide) and two floppy disks.
> A Morrow Pivot. Portable, battery-operated MS-DOS machine; I'm not
> sure how IBM-compatible it is. Made by Vadem in Milpitas, OEMd by
> Morrow as the Pivot, Zenith as something (think they sold a bunch to
> the IRS), Osborne as the Osborne 3.

Nope. I've got a Pivot. This was nothing like the Pivot. It was close
to the shape of an Osbourne and it was beige. It was close to the
dimensions of a tower case only it sits horizontally.

> Keep your eyes open, there are others out there. I've seen one at
> Halted in Santa Clara but as usual for Halted they were asking a
> bogus price for it, something like $100.

I got mine for free.

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