What exactly, is an IBM System 36?

From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Sat Jul 12 14:52:23 1997

  I have the oportunity to aquire an IBM System 36 model 5364 with manuals
and operating disks, all in working condition. My question is, I have never
heard of this system (the 360/370, yes). What can I expect?

  Secondly, from the same source, I can get a Compac Portable I XT with
harddrive and memory upgrade, ethernet 3/comm and AST 5250 emulation (some
mainframe terminal?), again all in working condition, but from what I hear,
it's portable in the term that yes, you can lug the entire setup.

  Third, for anyone that is interested (you pay shipping, plus maybe a few
extra bucks - whatever you think it's worth) the following are also

        10M HD for an IBM 360
        Monroe (possible) "bookkeeping machine"
        Underwood typewriter (manual)
        (unknown) manual adding machine

  I'll be hearing more about this stuff on Monday.

  -spc (Is getting more stuff than he knows what to do with ... )
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