What exactly, is an IBM System 36?

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Sun Jul 13 00:39:58 1997

> I have the oportunity to aquire an IBM System 36 model 5364 with manuals
> and operating disks, all in working condition. My question is, I have never
> heard of this system (the 360/370, yes). What can I expect?

Good hardware, horrible software (typical IBM). I am still fighting with
the 5363 III at RCS/RI.

The S/36 is a minicomputer, not compatible with the 360/370 line.

> Third, for anyone that is interested (you pay shipping, plus maybe a few
> extra bucks - whatever you think it's worth) the following are also
> available:
> 10M HD for an IBM 360

Do you have a part number (a four digit thing)?

Also, where is it located (my interest, or rather feasibility, drops
after several hundred miles - in any case, I am interested). If it is for a
360, it will be large.

Tell us more.

William Donzelli
Received on Sun Jul 13 1997 - 00:39:58 BST

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