What exactly, is an IBM System 36?

From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Sun Jul 13 02:59:18 1997

It was thus said that the Great William Donzelli once stated:
> > I have the oportunity to aquire an IBM System 36 model 5364 with manuals
> > and operating disks, all in working condition. My question is, I have never
> > heard of this system (the 360/370, yes). What can I expect?
> Good hardware, horrible software (typical IBM). I am still fighting with
> the 5363 III at RCS/RI.
  While the software IBM sells is often not worth the media it's distributed
on, the software used internally is often very good (at least it was for the
PC stuff). I still use an Internal Use Only editor written for PC-DOS 1.x
in 1982, version 1.0 (no bugs, very small, programmable, can edit multiple
files, etc etc).

> The S/36 is a minicomputer, not compatible with the 360/370 line.

  It isn't? I was talking to a friend that said it could run 360/370
software. I guess I'll find out when I get it.
> > Third, for anyone that is interested (you pay shipping, plus maybe a few
> > extra bucks - whatever you think it's worth) the following are also
> > available:
> >
> > 10M HD for an IBM 360
> Do you have a part number (a four digit thing)?

  I'll have the info on Tuesday (Monday maybe).
> Also, where is it located (my interest, or rather feasibility, drops
> after several hundred miles - in any case, I am interested). If it is for a
> 360, it will be large.

  Somewhere near Boca Raton, home of the IBM PC (and for those still unwise
int he ways of U.S. geography, just north of Ft. Lauderdale, which is just
north of Miami, Fl).
> Tell us more.

  I will, when I get more information.

  -spc (Oh good, at least someone heard of it 8-)
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