HP 9836, HP 86 ??

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun Jul 13 18:40:45 1997

> There are two flavors of HP 86, the 86A and the 86B.

Thanks for the info - I've only used 86B's.

> Re: the 9121: yep, single-sided Sony stiffy drives that hold about
> 300KB I think. It's been too long and I have forgotten just about
> everything except that the single-sided ones never seemed to hold
> quite enough (this on HP 150s).

Probalby 320 or 360K bytes (at least on the 150 - is the 9121 supported on the
150 - my manuals are silent on the subject...). It's 80 track single-sided,
and thus the same size as a double-sided 40 track disk.

> You know how 3.5" drives open the metal slider so they can get at the
> medium? The very earliest drives didn't, and the stiffies didn't
> spring-load the slider -- it was up to the user to slide the slider
> before insertion into and after removal from the drive.

I've also seen disks that open automatically, but stay open when ejected. You
'pinch' them to close them. They did not close automatically on ejection from
any drive.

> -Frank McConnell

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