HP 9836, HP 86 ??

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun Jul 13 18:45:12 1997

> > The HP86 is basically an HP85 without the built-in monitor,tape drive,
> > or printer, but with GPIB as standard. The 9121 is a single-sided version of
> > the 9122 if that's any help.
> Ok, you've lost me on that one. What is the GPIB?

GPIB = General-Purpose Interface Bus. Aka IEEE-488, and very similar to
HPIB (= Hewlett-Packard Interface bus). HP were the company who designed it,
but it turns up on all sorts of machines.

It's an 8-bit parallel interface using a 24 pin connector. 8 pins are ground,
8 are data, 3 are handshake, and 5 are bus control/management. It was
originally designed to link up lab equipment (DVMs, counters, digital 'scopes,
etc), but HP use it as a general peripheral bus (disk drives, plotters,
printers, etc) on some of their micros. Commodore used it for much the same
purpose (although with looser timing requirements) on the PETs

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