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Date: Mon Jul 14 14:48:00 1997

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actually, i've heard that novation applecat modem was desired by the
hacker/phone phreak crowd because of it's abilities. i think it could emulate
the dialing tones and do dtmf to make free phone calls. anyone have any
correct or detailed info about this?

<< >> I'm not doing it on purpose, but I find myself unable to let go of this
>> Novation CAT modem that I dredged up a few years ago...
>Hmm; I just picked one of these up with an incomplete Apple ][plus system
>that I haven't yet had time to muck with, short of cleaning it up a bit.
>What's special about it?
 Absolutely nothing. It's a standard 300 baud modem.
 Roger Ivie

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