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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 18:14:10 1997

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> actually, i've heard that novation applecat modem was desired by the
> hacker/phone phreak crowd because of it's abilities. i think it could emulate
> the dialing tones and do dtmf to make free phone calls. anyone have any
> correct or detailed info about this?

That's correct for the most part (the part about being desirable to
hacks/phreaks). It could generate most any tone you programmed it to,
plus it could generate MF (multi-frequency, used for inter-switch
signalling). It also had a tone decoder option. Someone wrote an
answering machine program that utilized SAM (Software Automated Mouth, a
speech synthesizer available on the 6502 based computers of the time such
as Atari, Commodore, Apple...) a micro-cassette recorder and the AppleCat
II which had phono plugs on it. The call would come into the modem which
would go off-hook, then SAM was used to play the outgoing message (piped
through the modem) then the micro-cassette recorder was used to record
the incoming message. Pretty neat. I have this program if anyone is
interested. It has docs explaining the hookup and all. Of course you'll
need an AppleCat II and an Apple (won't work with just the Apple Cat).

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