PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 19:14:40 1997

On 14 Jul 1997, Frank McConnell wrote:

> It's not entirely clear to me how the surplus-electronics business
> works here in Sillycon Valley, but one thing is obvious: the primary
> moneymaker is in the movement of large lots, probably from auctions
> and companies seeking to be rid of obsolete hardware, through the

I generally find the surplus shops to be over-priced. This is definitely
not true of Mike Quinn's, which is extremely reasonable (and realistic)
with pricing. Never been to Haltek, but Halted Specialties and Wierd
Stuff always are pricey on their stuff. I wonder if they realized that
if they'd lower their prices they'd move that stuff a lot faster.
Techies would come in and see a certain connector or part going for real
cheap and think "Hmmmm, that's so cheap I'll get 2 or 3 extras in case I
ever need one again". The part moves faster, they don't have stuff
sitting around taking up floor space forever and they get some money
back. Simple economics, the likes of which I don't think any of the
nerds at those stores ever learned in high school.

> Speaking of pains in the hindquarters, there is another surplus dealer
> (RA Electronics) who just plain got out of the computer business, and
> the rumor is that this is because they got fed up with people coming
> back asking for support for whatever PC junk they had purchased there.

I think the most obnoxious surplus store is Surplus Stuff in Milpitas.
In 1993 when I went there a couple times they were selling used computer
stuff at about 5% below retail! They also sold a lot of office furniture
and equipment which was also pricey for being used. It amazes me that
places like that stay in business. My theory is that they are a front
for a drug or chip smuggling operation.

Apologizes to all the non-Silicon Valley folk having to see all this
localized blather.

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