IBM 5161??

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 20:24:00 1997

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> I saw an interesting relic in the thrift store the other day...and IBM PC
> "Expansion Chassis" (I believe that's what it was called). It was
> basically an IBM PC case with two full height hard drives instead of
> floppy drives. It's model number was 5161 (if I recall correctly).
> Didn't bother with it, even though it is kinda unique.

Ah yes, the 5161...

It is/was a device for adding 6 more slots to a PC, PC/XT or Portable-PC
(basically any of the 8-bit bus system). The 5161 itself was a PC/XT cabinet
with an 8-slot passive backplane (OK, there was a 14.? MHz oscillator in
there) and a standard PSU. There were a pair of cards (the 'extender' and the
'receiver') and a 62 pin cable that linked them. You put the extender into one
slot of the 'host' system, the 'receiver' into the passive backplane, and linked
them together. You could put I/O or memory cards (although not graphics cards
AFAIK) into the remaining slots of the 5161.

One problem with buying one of these second-hand is that the extender card (and
often the cable) is almost always missing - it's been left in the host. And that
card is difficult to find.

Schematics, etc are in Volume one of the Options and Adapters TechRef.

> Sam

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