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Date: Mon Jul 14 20:05:26 1997

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>up, I got a Commodore 1702 monitor, and a couple 1541 drives. I've got the
>drive attached, and the monitor hooked up via a RF cable (I guess that's
>what it's called) through the front connection (This works for the Amiga
The c1702 is a very nice monitor. On the back is (IIRC) RGB connectors (or
composite? or something like that) but on the front is standard video and
audio in. As in, TV. If you hook up a VCR (with a tuner or cable
connection), you've got yourself a very nice TV.

A few years back, I set up a VCR and 1702 combo on one of those hospital
tables for my dad and he spent his time there watching movies (actually,
videos of a local teen theatre group --
<>). It makes for a very compact setup.
I would love to find one or two for <$10 and use them for exactly that.

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