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Date: Mon Jul 14 20:05:30 1997

At 11:45 PM 7/13/97 GMT, you wrote:
>GPIB = General-Purpose Interface Bus. Aka IEEE-488, and very similar to
>HPIB (= Hewlett-Packard Interface bus). HP were the company who designed it,
>but it turns up on all sorts of machines.
It's *the* bus used for disk drives, tape drives, printers, etc. for classic
(and, to a lesser extent, spectrum) HP 3000 minicomputers. Trust me, I've
got a basement full of 'em. (Bought my 3000 to use -- it's what I do for a
Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Commodore PET's used IEEE-488 for disk
drives, as well as lab stuff. I'm pretty sure I've got an IEEE-488
interface for the VIC-20 around somewhere.

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