Computer Scrapyards (was: PAM computer, Convergent?)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 22:41:36 1997

->I have seen many gems from DEC, mostly mid-1970s PDP-11s and early VAXe
->I have yet to see any 12, 18, or 36 bit stuff from them, however. The o

there is a reason... PDP-8s were the most prolific and the production
nubers were in teh low tens of thousands and many still serve. The 18bit
stuff were few to start with and hard as hell to expand so they faded
away. the 36bit stuff were also few but interesting. Still many made it
to the bone yard for lack of takers years back. Some of the less common
machines like the PDP/LINK-12s and PDP-15s were only made in the

PDP-11/23s are however like flies but, one complete with software (or
better diags) and clean are scarce.

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