Computer Scrapyards (was: PAM computer, Convergent?)

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 06:46:05 1997

> there is a reason... PDP-8s were the most prolific and the production
> nubers were in teh low tens of thousands and many still serve.

I suppose the time to grab them was the early 1980s (that is when I
grabbed my two machines, but not from scrapyards).

> The 18bit
> stuff were few to start with and hard as hell to expand so they faded
> away.

I still lust for a PDP-15 (I saw one at the Smithsonian Institution, as
some sort of fingerprint anaylzer display. I do not think it is
functional). I know one will show up some time, either in a junkyard,
barn, basement, etc.

William Donzelli
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