Computer Museums

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 18:50:59 1997

> What should be on display considering:
> 1) space limitation
> 2) Mainframes, minis, micros
> 3) What would most attract visitors
> 4) What would most attract funding :)

Three things which have changed radically over the years.are
- 01 Power (including speed)
- 10 Cost
- 11 Display capabilities (on affordable systems, that is)

You might want to consider comparing the above parameters system-by-system.

Software has become less klunky over the years. Try having an ancient word
processor running so people can see, say, the number of steps required to
open a file.

Don't forget output an old daisy wheel to a laser, a
superannuated 9 pin to a modern 24 pin, get a thermal printer, and a
thinkjet (really raunchy output, but FAST).
I'm collecting historically significant micros (such as the C64 -- they're
cheap, so everyone got one.) If you can get the dirt on why, for example,
CBM shot themselves in the foot, that would be interesting. Why aren't
Apples more common, for example?
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