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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 22:36:34 1997

>> What should be on display considering:
>> 1) space limitation
>> 2) Mainframes, minis, micros
>> 3) What would most attract visitors
>> 4) What would most attract funding :)
5- Location, Location, Location!!!

Personally I'd say the prime locations would be the Silicon Valley, and the
Silicon Forest. 3&4 sound rough, I'd definitly check one out if it was
near me, but I'm crazy :^)

>Three things which have changed radically over the years.are
>- 01 Power (including speed)
>- 10 Cost

How about how peoples perceptions of cost has changed? In the early to
mid-80's a Commodore 64 was considered expensive by most. Now everyone
seems to be going out and spending about 5 to 10 times that much on system

>Software has become less klunky over the years. Try having an ancient word
>processor running so people can see, say, the number of steps required to
>open a file.

Now there is a cool idea! Maybe trace the history of a WP like Word
Perfect, of course if you weren't careful this could take up a museum by
itself :^)

>Don't forget output an old daisy wheel to a laser, a
>superannuated 9 pin to a modern 24 pin, get a thermal printer, and a
>thinkjet (really raunchy output, but FAST).

And input tech, starting with wired boards up to.....

>CBM shot themselves in the foot, that would be interesting. Why aren't
>Apples more common, for example?

Price, when they were tops, the Apple was great, but two expensive. Then
they were old tech, and still fairly spendy. Don't get me wrong I love my
Apples, but the Price/Performace ratio was wrong for the times I think.
Still the
Apple II in it's various incarnations was produced for about 15 years.


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