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I have WD's true story...to tell..
> Never confuse reliability with quality. the 3.5" drive have inherant
> reliability over the larger ones but crap is still crap.
Depends on brand actually. Because my friend who runs computer
business says Quantums he sold over 400 over few years period and he
says he can count on one hand that came back bad. I have to agree
because I have not seen not too many duds from Quantums unless was
destroyed by users. For Seagate low end especially if it's their
seagate design not conner. Mid to hi end are fine. ST5 series are
middle to hi end and that shows.
> <no tape drive). fortunately the drive did have a 3 year warrenty,
and a
> <replacement was shipped, a 1.2 gig seagate ST-31276A. and here is another
> <question:
> <Is this going to last me more than a year? If Seagate made good drives in
> <the past, will this new one live up to this, or is this drive chock full o
> <corner cutting?
> Unknown ask others. I have a fujitsu with no complaints but I know others
> that see nothing but failures of the next larger and smaller model. I will
> say I've seen models where vendor xx is the one to have and two years later
> that vendor is producing duds. The MTBF for these drives is so high that
> they should last for many years of you believe specs and all the parts are
> up to quality. However a head crash suggests a defect or handling problems
> (dropped) maybe before you even got it. I cringe when people ship hard
> disks without major padding.
About Fujitsu, not too bad quality but very few and hard to get, odd
performance as well.
Yes, yes yes thickly and firmly pad the hd for
shipping!!! :)) yes right! I have seen conner ship their 10 drives
in so called padded cardboard grid. NOT!
> FYI I have at least three 3.5" drives with good media and dead boards! if
> anyone has a wd-AC160 or wd-caviar2340 that's dead I'd love the board from
> them. I have stuff on those that should have been backed up.
Well, I have to join you on this too. :) Anyone have a WDAC2200
logic board? Someone previous to me burned out the board on bare
metal surface.

Story of the lifetime...

Ok, quite while back I scored a coup on 4 drives for
$40, good ST3290A, sick conner 2.5" 60megger booted out as you know
what I hated conner, two WD's sick 540mb and crushed WD21000. Did I
heard "crushed"? That's right, crushed! Key word is that seal is not
piecred or broken. Both WD still under warrenty and I was honest and
meek when I called WD for RMA and told the service that one hd is
crushed and the service asked if the seal was broke, no. Fine ship
both back when you get RMA, one mistake in RMA oops, called again
fixed it and got new RMA. Shipped both with correct RMA and got the
both back execpt for 540 was out of stock so "upgraded" to 850 model
and I got the WD21000. Cool! Still in original box and unbroken
seal bag brand new 1gb hd. This goes with one motherboard when I
find a lunchbox for linux work.

The crushed hd top at one end was really crunched in on front at one
place with some degree of flat crush across front end only but
none of parts did not broke free and the whole top looked someone
slid it across whole length of landing strip. What interesting most
is the logic board survived the tramua with nary a mark on it.
What worked this honest and being clear with what I have and no lies.

One warning: YMMV. By the way anyone got a interesting tale to tell
us in turn?

 Jason D.
> Allison
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