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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Jul 16 10:28:39 1997

<reliable, they are not, as I bought a Conner CFS-850A 850 meg, and it worke
<nicely for a year, then one day I am greeted with this error:

Never confuse reliability with quality. the 3.5" drive have inherant
reliability over the larger ones but crap is still crap.

<no tape drive). fortunately the drive did have a 3 year warrenty, and a
<replacement was shipped, a 1.2 gig seagate ST-31276A. and here is another
<Is this going to last me more than a year? If Seagate made good drives in
<the past, will this new one live up to this, or is this drive chock full o
<corner cutting?

Unknown ask others. I have a fujitsu with no complaints but I know others
that see nothing but failures of the next larger and smaller model. I will
say I've seen models where vendor xx is the one to have and two years later
that vendor is producing duds. The MTBF for these drives is so high that
they should last for many years of you believe specs and all the parts are
up to quality. However a head crash suggests a defect or handling problems
(dropped) maybe before you even got it. I cringe when people ship hard
disks without major padding.

FYI I have at least three 3.5" drives with good media and dead boards! if
anyone has a wd-AC160 or wd-caviar2340 that's dead I'd love the board from
them. I have stuff on those that should have been backed up.

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