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From: Gil Parrish <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 16:15:23 1997

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>And I found a Commie B-128. I've heard of the C-128... are these similar,
or is this actually the same thing, or what? I'm not big on Commie stuff
(goofiest basic I've ever played with... and slooooo disk drives) but I
collect for uniqueness, and this seemed rather unique.
It has a card-edge IEEE-488 port, card-edge cassette, cartridge, "normal"
RS-232 and other ports (that I don't remember... I just got a quick look at
it), the Serial number is 0025xx (don't remember last two digits, but it
seems early) and IIRC (but I haven't seen a C-128 in nearly a decade -- and
that was only at K-mart) it looks different from a C-128.
Did I do good?
Also, they had a PET-style CBM-8050 (or was that 5080...) dual garage-door
style disk drives, and a printer that hooked up thru a funky
Centronics-like cable. Interested in those? I could go back tomorrow.<

The C-128 and B-128 are completely different. The B-128 was one of the
last/best members of the Commodore PET/CBM line; the C-128 was one of the
last/best members of the VIC/64 line. Both had 128K. The PET/CBM units
use an IEEE-488 interface for adding drives, printers, etc., and this
parallel approach is fairly fast; the VIC/64 line use a proprietary serial
connection that is fairly slow.

In other words, you'd better get back and pick up that 8050 if you want a
disk drive that attaches to the B-128; there are other PET/CBM drives that
would also work (e.g., 4040, 8250), but the 8050 would probably provide the
greatest compatibility if you ever want to pick up software. Drives from
the 15xx series (1541, 1571, 1581) won't help you here.

Did you do good? Only you can answer that. The unit isn't extremely
common, but isn't extremely rare either. If you're not into Commodore, you
might want to find someone who is and see if you can work a swap of some
kind. (I already have a B-128, thanks.)

Gil Parrish
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