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From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 22:54:23 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Gil Parrish wrote:

> The C-128 and B-128 are completely different. The B-128 was one of the
> last/best members of the Commodore PET/CBM line; the C-128 was one of the
> last/best members of the VIC/64 line. Both had 128K. The PET/CBM units
> use an IEEE-488 interface for adding drives, printers, etc., and this
> parallel approach is fairly fast; the VIC/64 line use a proprietary serial
> connection that is fairly slow.

OK, I think we need some clarification here. What does your "B-128" look
like? My B series user guide indicates four distinct models...

1. C128-40 "Advanced Personal Computer"
Basically this is a B128-80 with a 40 column screen (sounds like a VIC
chip to me) and comes in a low profile case (sorta like an amiga or 64)
Not to be confused with the more common C128.

2. and 3. B128-80 "Advanced Business Computer"
the manula says there were two versions of a B128. A low-profile model
and, of course, a high profile one. The low-profile model is like the
C128-40 but the high profile model has integral disk drive(s) and display
and a detachable keyboard. The low-profile, of course, required external
drives (IEEE-488) and video.

4. B256-80 "Advanced 16-bit Proffessional Computer"

this model only came in the high profile case (I think) and came standard
with 256k ram (as opposed to the 128k i the other "B" computers), dual
processors (6509 and 8088), and "spots" for optional Z80 and 8087 co
processors. Really neato looking machine.

> In other words, you'd better get back and pick up that 8050 if you want a
> disk drive that attaches to the B-128; there are other PET/CBM drives that
> would also work (e.g., 4040, 8250), but the 8050 would probably provide the
> greatest compatibility if you ever want to pick up software. Drives from
> the 15xx series (1541, 1571, 1581) won't help you here.
> Did you do good? Only you can answer that. The unit isn't extremely
> common, but isn't extremely rare either. If you're not into Commodore, you
> might want to find someone who is and see if you can work a swap of some
> kind. (I already have a B-128, thanks.)
> Gil Parrish

Well, I'm "in" to Commodore and don't yet have one so if yer willing to
sell/trade, lemme know!

Also, if you want a copy of my "User's guide" that shouldn't be much of a
problem, it's a whole 120 pages.

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