Commodore B-128 series

From: Benedict Chong <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 10:14:36 1997

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997 09:33:22 -0400, Gil Parrish wrote:

% If any entity out there believes it has the
%copyrights, it will then make itself known.

I tend to agree with this.

If we make all 'reasonable' (and documented) efforts to contact who we
believe to still hold the rights and do not receive any reply, then we
should be able to reasonably assume that the stuff in question are
public domain. This until such time when the real owner steps forward
whereupon we prove (based on the documentation we have kept) that we
have tried all means possible to contact the owner but received no

I believe this reasoning can apply to products which have long ceased
production and where such products no longer have any commercial value
(other than as collectibles).

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