More News on Commie stuff in Michigan

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 12:06:04 1997

Hey, me again!
I'm the guy with the funny Commodore stuff....

Just got back from the sale... the drives were gone. :-(
The printer was still there (buried) -- it was a 4023 printer. No-one
mentioned interest in the printer, so there it sits. It is IEEE-interfaced.

Altho I did pick up a TI-59 calculator with 1 recording strip, says it
contains diagnostics, IIRC. $5. (was marked $10, talked 'er down). I also
got an *old* HP frequency counter, with cord & probe, $5. (Yea, it's not
computer, but it'll help me fix computers, so I hope a quick mention is
o.k. It should make a pretty good friend to Tex, my pet 'scope. ;-)

I found a set of dual IBM 8" drives, marked $10. It had a funky interface
(well, for micros) of a 25-pin female D _and_ a 15 pin (I think) female
D... it was a 60xx series number, and the Compugraphic box with dual 8"ers
is still there, no price. It had paper and a processor with it, tho.

Anyway, sorry the drives were gone, thanks for the help on the B-128, and
I'll try to reach my decision on keep/trade on the box over the weekend
(I'll be canoeing... and *no*, this is one of the few places I won't take
my Tandy 200!)

Is a Mac IIsi classic yet? Not sure when they were made... it's got a 68030
with a 40Meg SCSI and (if I counted correctly) 9Meg RAM. If someone's got a
color monitor (whatever it takes) mouse & keyboard for trade for it, that'd
be cool... lemme know. (I'd be much more willing to trade the B-128 for
this particular deal...)

As always: Stay cool, keep your 'puters that way too, and clean those
floppy drives every so often! ;^>

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Roger Merchberger       | Why does Hershey's put nutritional
Programmer, NorthernWay | information on their candy bar wrappers  | when there's no nutritional value within?
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