Commodore B-128 series

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 12:00:19 1997

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Les wrote:

>>Last I checked/remembered, ESCOM held the rights to the Commodore name and
>>to many of their patents/literature/etc. They are at
>> Lately, Gateway purchased all the Amiga stuff
>>and if I remember correctly started licensing clone makers.

        True, ESCOM, AG owned all of the rights to the Commodore name, intellectual
property, etc., but it mid-96, filed for the German equivalent of bankruptcy
(receivership, I think). This put the Commodore assets in play again. GW2K
bought the Amiga stuff, but the other stuff is still in limbo (I think).

        In January, with advice of counsel, I made two attempts to contact
Commodore's US bankruptcy counsel (Commodore had manufacturing operations in
West Chester and Norristown, PA) to inquire about purchasing Commodore's
remaining intellectual property (i.e., the rights to the schematics,
technology, source code, etc.). I never got a response from them. Anyone
interested in buying Commodore assets??

        I only have several VICs, a 64, and a lonely PET. I'm in need of "rounding
out" my CBM collection. So many models, so little time...
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