Commodore B-128, etc...

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 00:26:10 1997

The B-128 did come in a few models, they have been defined by case
design (low profile and high profile) some models came with integrated
monitors (looked like really advanced PETs, especially with the detached

   The bulk of the information regarding the B-128 was 'loaned' to the
Chicago B-128 Users Group by Commodore (wow, that's a change, eh?) a few
years back, I have no idea what had ever happened to the group or where
the B-128 info now resides.

   When Amiga Technologies was sold by ESCOM, ESCOM kept the Commodore
trademark and name, as the remaining profitable division was the IBM
clone division which used the Commodore name and logo to enhance their
image (Commodore is a 'good thing' in parts of europe.) It is still
under debate exactly where the technology for the 8-bits have ended up,
some say ESCOM, some say partly Amiga Technologies... Dunno.

  Get the 8050 drive, Commodore IEEE-488 dual drives drives were very
expansive and are not as abundant as the later serial models. If you
need a cable for it (computer to IEEE-488 device or IEEE-488 to
IEEE-488), E-mail me, I currently have a source for a few...

          Larry Anderson

P.S. I started work on the PET FAQ, I outlined it and I have quite a bit
of stuff to write!
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