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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 18:03:56 1997

On 18-Jul-97, Benedict Chong wrote:

>%Talking of Tandy stuff, I bought a second-hand Model 4 last weekend.
>%anyone know where to get a Technical Manual for this machine? What I
>%really need is a list of Supervisor Calls, Docs on the I/O ports, and
>%a schematics of the CPU board. I believe I have a 'gate array' board
>- there's
>%a 40 pin chip with a Tandy custom number next to the Z80A.
>I'd also be interested in a technical manual for the Model4 since I'm
>getting one such machine from Jeff H.

   The actual Tandy catalog# is 26-2119, and you might even be able to order
one from them still. I know you can get a lot of the disks and such yet. I
do have one of these, as it's for both the Model 4 and the 4P. If you had
specific questions, I could likely look it up and such though.


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