Atari still around?

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 13:26:33 1997

At 12:48 PM 7/18/97 -0500, Cord Coslor wrote:
>Does anyone know if Atari is still around? I remember years ago (really
>not TOO long ago) I wrote to them and they sent me a pretty huge list of
>old Atari 2600, etc., games still available, as well as old Atari 400/800
>software they still had around. Does anyone know if there are still Atari
>disutibutors that do this?
There are a number of businesses still selling atari stuff. As far as the
company is concerned, only the coin-op still remains under the Atari name.
Check out or email Rick Detlefsen
(74766.1561_at_CompuServe.COM). They both have a pretty good selection, and I
know Rick is pretty cheap. I work about 5 mins from his place, and it makes
a wonderful lunch to go over there and browse through all of his stuff, and
pick up goodies. The atari vendor and developer faq is at If you can't get to it, I
might be able to round up a copy and email it. Hope this helps.
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