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From: Gil Parrish <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 13:55:15 1997

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> The bulk of the information regarding the B-128 was 'loaned' to the
Chicago B-128 Users Group by Commodore (wow, that's a change, eh?) a few
years back, I have no idea what had ever happened to the group or where
the B-128 info now resides.<

Yes, that was quite a deal. The Chicago group seems to have showed up on
Commodore's doorstep just as Commodore was getting ready to trash all the B
series stuff, and the user group ended up with it all. I wasn't aware it
was a "loan", but I guess at this point, nobody is going to show up on
their doorstep and ask for it back. If only the rest of the Commodore user
group community had showed such drive; we might not KNOW where the rights
to the 8-bit stuff ended up, but also we might collectively have owned

I don't know what happened to the group either. In 1990, before I got a
B-128, I wrote and got info, and directed to them everyone I ran across
that had a B-series question. Then I wrote in early 1993 to check in on
the progress of the group for a newsletter article, and got nothing-- no
returned letter, no response. I wrote a second letter a few months later
(in case the Chicago post office had lost the first) and still got nothing.
 I tried again after I got my B-128, and again, nothing. I think basically
the "group" was one guy in Chicago and a number of out of town members,
domestically and internationally. I suspect as interest in the B series
waned, the guy got tired of it and just quit. Still, upon receiving
inquiries he might at least have sent out
thanks-for-your-letter-but-the-group-doesn't-exist-any-more responses.
Postage couldn't have been THAT much. Course, he may have gotten hit by a
beer truck, for all I know. (Address was 4102 N. Odell, Norridge, IL.
60635; I probably have the head guy's name somewhere.)

Gil Parrish
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